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Tide turning in Libyan war

Air superiority remains most important factor to determine how war for capital will continue

in:, 17.04.2020

Galip Dalay

How long will the Turkish-Russian deal on Idlib last?

The March 5 agreement will likely follow the fate of all previous Idlib deals and fall apart soon.

in: Al Jazeera, 16.03.2020


Libyan crisis transforms geopolitics in Mediterranean

Turkey’s expansion of its range in central Mediterranean toward Libya is leading to geopolitical transformations in region

in:, 04.01.2020


US withdrawal from Syria leaves Kurds backed into a corner

Donald Trump's decision to put an end to the US military operation against the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria has left many observers wondering what might happen to Washington's main partners on the ground, the Kurds, and whether their enemy Turkey offered the president anything in return.

in:, 20.12.2019

Galip Dalay

Why the Middle East Is Betting on China

Chinese foreign policy in the Middle East is highly transactional, focusing on energy and economics, and avoiding sensitive geopolitical issues. In a region as volatile as the Middle East, however, the question is how long such an approach can be sustained.

in:, 22.08.2019