The flags of members of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are seen at the Headquarter of NATO in Brussels.

Ongoing Projects

A Sea of Opportunities: Can the West Benefit from Turkey’s Autonomous Foreign Policy in the Black Sea?

The project explores opportunities for enhancing cooperation between Turkey and European countries in the new security environment that has emerged after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


National Defence Industry: From an Enabler of Turkey’s Pursuit of Strategic Autonomy to a Bridge between Turkey and Europe

This project will explore prospects for cooperation and competition between the European and Turkish defence industries, and the impact of defence industrial relations on the foreign policies of Turkey, the European Union (EU), and selected non-EU European countries.


The Political Feasibility of the Adoption of the UNDP’s "Türkiye Compact" by the EU, the UK and Switzerland

This project is a study of the political feasibility of the UNDP’s Türkiye Compact. Specifically, the aim of the project is to determine the prospects of the EU, the UK and Switzerland adopting and implementing the Compact.