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Ongoing Projects

Overcoming Global Problems through Local Cooperation: The Case of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Our aim is to explore the possibilities of and limitations to cooperation between Istanbul and comparably important German cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne, that have already demonstrated effectiveness in addressing two common challenges: tackling climate change and protecting vulnerable groups, including refugees, women and those living below the poverty line.



Organized by members of ELIAMEP’s Turkey Programme in collaboration with Medyascope, the ELIMED webinars and papers aim to foster a more informed and sophisticated debate in seven important areas. Topics under discussion range from the future of Turkish governance and media to the role of women in Turkey’s public life to Turkey’s evolving policy towards Asia and Eurasia.


LOCALNET – Local Governments’ Climate Change Narratives and Networks in Turkey

This project aims to investigate the sociopolitical dimension of the dynamics and patterns of urban climate change policy in Turkey. We aim to answer two research questions: First, do different actors – including public officials working in the national and local governments, political parties, business communities and civil society groups – perceive and approach local climate change policy differently in Turkey? And second, how do local climate change policy narratives relate to each other?


Turkey, Asia and the EU in a Changing Global Order

The project aims to discuss how the power shift to Asia occurred over the last two decades, to assess its impacts on Turkey-Asia relations and to examine its consequences for Turkey-EU relations.


Turkey’s Search for a New Political System: Experiences, Essentials and Models

This project aims to contribute to the political and public debate on whether to change the political system in Turkey – first, by reflecting on Turkey’s experiences with different political systems as well as those of other countries and second, by offering policy proposals and recommendations around essential features and qualities that any new political system needs to have.