Sinem Adar, Hürcan Aslı Aksoy

Turkey’s foreign policy between domestic dynamics and international interests

Turkish foreign policy has changed considerably in recent years and has become increasingly aggressive. Esme Nicholson talks with Sinem Adar and Hürcan Aslı Aksoy on how domestic political dynamics shape Ankara’s foreign relations with Europe.

SWP Podcast 2021/eP 06, April 2021

  • Sinem Adar
  • Hürcan Aslı Aksoy

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SWP Turkey`s foreign policy between domestic dynamics and international interests

In SWP podcasts our researchers and occasional guests discuss current issues in international politics. During the initial pilot phase we are experimenting with different formats, and episodes will appear at irregular intervals.

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Following the European Council meeting last week which suggests a dual approach for Turkey-EU relations, William Noah Glucroft talks to Günter Seufert and Ilke Toygür about the most important issues that are confronting the EU-Turkey relations with a special focus on the next steps.

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An Overview of Institutions and Politics

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What lies behind Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention?

Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention is a clear attack on human rights and the rule of law. This move is part of President Erdoğan’s strategy to remain in power. Brussels should demand a reversal of the withdrawal, says Hürcan Aslı Aksoy.

Point of View, 29.03.2021


Turkey’s Ruling Alliance Facing Protests: On the Attack or the Defensive?

Ankara’s harsh response to the protests at Boğaziçi University belie the vulnerabilities of the AKP/MHP coalition. Sinem Adar argues that Europe should not turn a blind eye to the repression of dissent.

Point of View, 12.02.2021


No Easy Reset: Time for Europe to Clarify Its Relationship with Turkey

After a rough period, Ankara is making overtures to Brussels. Ilke Toygür discusses the prospects, the need for the EU to clarify its own position, and the implications of the election of Joe Biden.

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Turkey, the EU and the Eastern Mediterranean Crisis

Militarization of Foreign Policy and Power Rivalry

SWP Comment 2020/C 62, December 2020, 4 Pages


Political Implications of the Hagia Sophia Reconversion

With his announcement that the Hagia Sophia will be reconverted into a mosque, Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan is seeking to foment identity conflict for political gain. Thus far, the opposition has avoided the trap and declined to enter this fight. Salim Çevik argues that Europe should do the same.

Point of View, 17.07.2020


Turkey Shifts the Focus of Its Foreign Policy

From Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya

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EU-Turkey Cooperation over Migration

Despite its recent threats, Ankara is signalling interest in cooperating on migration governance. In the likely continuation of the Statement, the EU should link the implementation of the Statement to issues of rule of law. An Assessment by Sinem Adar

Point of View, 24.01.2020


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