Opening of new legislative year of Turkish Parliament

Turkey’s Search for a New Political System: Experiences, Essentials and Models


Ankara Institute

Project Members:

Hatem Ete, Project Coordinatior and Research Director
Merve Yılmaz, Project Assistant

Project Duration: Feb 22 - Dec 22


Hande Deniz Türk, email:

Perhaps the most hotly contested issue in Turkish politics today is the question of whether to change Turkey’s political system back from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. With support for changing the system particularly high on the agenda of the opposition parties, the matter has become a clear dividing line between the governing and opposition blocks.

This project aims to contribute to the political and public debate on whether to change the political system in Turkey – first, by reflecting on Turkey’s experiences with different political systems as well as those of other countries and second, by offering policy proposals and recommendations around essential features and qualities that any new political system needs to have. The institute plans a number of policy reports on the subject, along with a public survey, closed roundtables and related public events.

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