European Mobility Week in Ankara

LOCALNET – Local Governments’ Climate Change Narratives and Networks in Turkey


Boğaziçi University, the Institute of Environmental Sciences,
University of Bergen, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation

Project Members:

Mahir Yazar, Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
İrem Daloğlu Çetinkaya, Assistant Professor at Institute of Environmental Sciences, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

Project Duration: Feb 22 - Dec 22


Dr. Mahir Yazar, email:
Asst.Prof. Irem Daloglu Cetinkaya, email:

This project aims to investigate the sociopolitical dimension of the dynamics and patterns of urban climate change policy in Turkey. We aim to answer two research questions: First, do different actors – including public officials working in the national and local governments, political parties, business communities and civil society groups – perceive and approach local climate change policy differently in Turkey? And second, how do local climate change policy narratives relate to each other? We will use narrative and network analysis concepts applicable in political science. The project builds on the assumption that understanding how the political landscape is shaped by narratives can help to identify the political room for manoeuvre for climate actions within local government. Informed by a long line of stakeholders working to address climate change from multiple levels in Turkey, the project will provide European decision makers with insight while assessing the contribution of local government in Turkey to stemming climate change.

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