Turkish warships salute people and the drill area after the Efes-2018 Combined Joint Live Fire Exercise in Izmir.

Turkey as a Partner and Challenge for European Security Policy

Turkey is an important actor for the security of Europe and its southern neighbourhood. While the Europe-an Union (EU) cooperates with Turkey in various security issues such as refugee flows and counterterrorism, Turkey challenges EU member states’ interests in Libya. In the Eastern Mediterranean, Ankara employs military force to challenge maritime boundaries through drilling around Cyprus and Greece. In sum, Turkey pursues a more assertive foreign policy. Given the growing divergence between the EU, the EU member states, and Turkey on issues of security, is there a possibility to set out a firm and cooperative European foreign and security policy towards Turkey? In what matters can European Union member states find common ground in approaching Turkey?

In collaborative efforts on a European level, researchers from the CATS Network delve into this issue and explore the possibilities and challenges of Turkey’s partnership for European security policy. In so doing, they aim to stimulate a common European response towards Turkey.

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