Opportunities and Con­straints for EU-Turkey Cooperation in Syria

Since Turkey’s military interventions in various parts of northern Syria, the already strained relations between the EU and Turkey have further deteriorated. Despite the initial cooperation in the refugee crisis and in the fight against jihadi terrorism, a number of European capitals do not agree with Turkey’s military engagements and its stance on the future of Syria.

In the areas it controls together with its allies, Turkey has established its own security institutions, and develops the infrastructure and public services. European engagement in Syria is limited to humanitarian aid. How then, and in which realms, can the EU and Turkey cooperate in Syria? What are the opportunities and constraints for EU-Turkey cooperation in achieving peace in Syria? What role can the EU play in the integration of Syrian refugees in the medium-term perspective? How can Turkey and the EU play a role to address the challenges in reconstruction, peacebuilding, and reconciliation?

In collaboration, scholars and researchers from different CATS Network partners will identify the ways in which Europe can develop a more strategy-driven, coherent, and cooperative policy towards Turkey.

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