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Katarzyna Czupa

Poland and the EU–Turkey Customs Union

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 04, July 2020, 23 pages

Max Hoffman, Alan Makovsky

Turkey issued new rules for social media. That may mean that media censorship wasn’t working.

in:, 30.07.2020 (online)

Aurélien Denizeau

France and the Modernization of the EU-Turkey Customs Union

in: Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri), 28.07.2020


Political Implications of the Hagia Sophia Reconversion

With his announcement that the Hagia Sophia will be reconverted into a mosque, Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan is seeking to foment identity conflict for political gain. Thus far, the opposition has avoided the trap and declined to enter this fight. Salim Çevik argues that Europe should do the same.

Point of View, 17.07.2020

Yaşar Aydın

Modernisation of the EU–Turkey Customs Union

The German Debate on Modernisation of the Customs Union Considering Economic Interests, Prospects of Cooperation and Political Obstacles

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 03, July 2020, 32 pages

Panayotis Tsakonas, Athanasios Manis

Modernising the EU-Turkey Customs Union: The Greek Factor

ELIAMEP Policy Paper #35/2020, 26 pages

Ilke Toygür, Nicoletta Pirozzi, Funda Tekin

A plea for the German Presidency: invest boldly and smartly in the future of Europe

in:, 30.06.2020


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