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The Refugee Drama in Syria, Turkey, and Greece

Why a Comprehensive Approach Is Needed

SWP Comment 2020/C 16, April 2020, 8 Pages

Dimitrios Triantaphyllou

Black Sea Insecurities and Ankara’s Dilemmas

in: Ukraine Analytica, 03.04.2020, (online)


Idlib’s Unfolding Humanitarian Catastrophe

Turkey’s decision to open its borders with Europe is a tactic to pressure the EU for support in Idlib. Despite Ankara’s violations of democratic norms, the humanitarian situation in Idlib requires the international community’s support. An assessment by Sinem Adar.

Point of View, 02.03.2020


Turkey Shifts the Focus of Its Foreign Policy

From Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya

SWP Comment 2020/C 06, February 2020, 4 Pages


Short- and Long-Term Impacts of the Escalation in Idlib

The current escalation in Idlib between Turkish and Russian-backed Syrian forces has two dimensions: the immediate Turkish involvement in Syria and the broader Turkish-Russian rapprochement. An assessment by Salim Çevik.

Point of View, 12.02.2020

Galip Dalay

Order from Chaos

Turkey’s unpalatable choices in Syria

in: Brookings, 11.02.2020 (online)

Ilke Toygür

Is it time to negotiate a complementary framework for Turkey-EU relations?

For years, Turkey and the European Union settled into a very fragile status quo. Even if the relationship proved itself more resilient than many expected, the current framework - Turkey being a candidate state for accession - does not lead to mutual trust and rules-based cooperation in all dimensions.

in: Istanbul Political Research Institute (IstanPol), 24.01.2020


EU-Turkey Cooperation over Migration

Despite its recent threats, Ankara is signalling interest in cooperating on migration governance. In the likely continuation of the Statement, the EU should link the implementation of the Statement to issues of rule of law. An Assessment by Sinem Adar

Point of View, 24.01.2020


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