Photo by Mathis Gann

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies

The European Union’s long-standing policy in its dealings with Turkey remains directed towards political transformation in the framework of the accession process and economic stabilisation. Turkey’s shifting role in the Middle East has repercussions for its relationships with Germany and the European Union – and this is of growing relevance for European policy-making. Within this process, both Germany and the European Union have an interest in shaping constructive relations with Turkey and upholding Turkish participation in the Euro-Atlantic (security) structures: Significant bilateral and multilateral challenges will require collaboration if they are to be resolved. For this very reason, European decision-makers are experiencing a growing need for factual analyses of Turkey and research-based recommendations.

CATS, situated at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), was founded against this background. The independent research conducted at CATS focusses on the political, economic, and social developments in Turkey as well as the different aspects of relations between Turkey and Europe. CATS advises political decision-makers and provides information to the media and the public.


Research priorities at CATS:

  • Turkey’s relationship with Europe and the EU
  • Turkey’s role in the global system conflict
  • Turkey’s positioning in the Middle East and relations with the Muslim world
  • Turkey’s partnerships with emerging powers
  • Political, economic, and social developments in Turkey